Romney: I don’t see Trump as role model for my grandchildren

    Utah Senate confident Glove Romney said that he doesn't see President Trump as a decent "good example" for his grandkids. 
    Romney made the remark amid a meeting with NBC News on Monday, in front of a Senate essential level headed discussion. 
    "I don't believe that I would point to the president as a good example for my grandchildren based on his own style," Romney said. "He has withdrawn now and again from reality and has assaulted in a way that I believe isn't totally suitable." 

    He included that he supposes Trump's approaches have surpassed his desires, yet that, "a portion of the things he has said are not ones that I would try for my grandchildren to receive." 
    Romney neglected to win the Utah GOP assignment out and out a month ago, and will be on the ticket in the state's June 26 essential to supplant resigning Sen. Orrin Bring forth (R). 

    Romney was a cruel faultfinder and "Never-Trumper" amid the 2016 decision, however has since tempered his feedback as he dispatches his Senate offer. 

    "I look forward. I'm not going to look in reverse," Romney said a month ago in regards to his past reactions of the president. 

    Romney said Tuesday that he would keep on calling Trump out on "bigot or misanthropic" remarks, and that he would "call them like I see them." 

    "Where the president is right in my view, on strategy, for Utah and for the nation, I'll be with him," Romney said. "In any case, if the president were to state something that I consider very troublesome or bigot or misanthropic, I'll get down on him about it. Since I believe it's essential for individuals to know precisely where one stands." 

    Trump embraced Romney in the Senate race, however in 2016, Romney said that he would not have acknowledged Trump's underwriting for president in 2012 if Trump had said "the things he says today"  
    about minority gatherings. 

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