VIDEO Hillary: I’m still ready to be president :

    Hillary Clinton says she stands prepared to be the president. She made the remark Wednesday night on Funny TV when she was met by Trevor Noah of "The Every day Show." 


    Noah opened his portion with Clinton by playing a few clasps from Fox News that heard preservationist savants, including Sean Hannity, erroneously alluding to her as president.    
    Noah asked, "How does that influence you to feel?" 
    "I've seen this is by all accounts a subject with them, yes," Clinton stated, alluding to the savants. "What's more, I can just say on the off chance that they need to make that world a the truth, regardless i'm prepared." 
    Clinton has been hitting the talking and TV circuit lately since the arrival of her book, "What Happened," which subtle elements her 2016 race misfortune to President Trump.    
    In the meeting, she likewise went ahead to state that Trump has no sympathy for the American individuals. Her remark came when talking about how Trump has dealt with the current tragedies in Las Vegas and New York City.    
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    1. I know this is old news but what struck me is how she said tens of thousands of volunteers. Yeah, I get it.. those volunteers she had in Iowa also vote twice or fill up ballots that miraculously appear after the election count.