VIDEO Poll: Americans Name Obama Among the Best Presidents in Their Lifetime. DO YOU AGREE?

    MORE AMERICANS State Barack Obama was among the best presidents they have found in their lifetimes than say the equivalent regarding different U.S. presidents. 
    As per a Seat Exploration Center study, 44 percent of Americans think Obama was the best or the second-best leader of their lifetimes. The warm respect for the 44th president remains as a conspicuous difference to a 2011 Seat Exploration Center overview that found just 20 percent of respondents thought he was the best or second best leader of their lifetimes. Previous President Bill Clinton bested the rundown at the time at 49 percent. 


    Right now, around 33 percent state Clinton was the best or second best, and 32 percent state President Ronald Reagan was the best or second best. 
    Not exactly part of the way through his first term in office, 19 percent of respondents state current President Donald Trump is the best or second best leader of their lifetimes – like the aggregate Obama attracted the Seat overview directed amid his first term. 

    Twelve percent list President John F. Kennedy as playing out the best in office amid their lifetimes. In any case, Kennedy was named as the best or second best president by around 25 percent of overview respondents who were alive while he was in office: 24 percent of children of post war America, ages 54 to 72, and 25 percent of individuals in the quiet age, ages 73 to 90. 

    Individuals' perspectives of the presidents contrasted among ages. Twenty to thirty year olds, ages 22 to 37, were almost certain than different ages to list Obama as the best or second best president, at 62 percent, with Gen Xers, ages 38 to 53, second in all likelihood at 41 percent. The quiet age was to the least extent liable to pick Obama, at 24 percent, and well on the way to pick Reagan, at 38 percent, as the best or second best president. Children of post war America were additionally well on the way to pick Reagan, at 42 percent. 

    With regards to Trump among the ages, children of post war America were well on the way to pick him as the best or second best president, at 21 percent. Twenty to thirty year olds and the quiet age were straightaway, both at 19 percent, and 15 percent of Gen Xers said the equivalent. 
    Disliked presidents incorporate Presidents Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson and Gerald Portage, as per the overview. They all gotten 5 percent of votes or less. 
    Among political gatherings, most Democrats, at 71 percent, vote Obama as having done the best occupation. With 49 percent, Clinton comes in second. Most Republicans, at 57 percent, vote Reagan as having done the best occupation, and Trump comes in second with 40 percent. 

    The study was led from June 5-12 among 2,002 grown-ups matured 18 and more seasoned in every one of the 50 states and the Locale of Columbia.   

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