Should America Make Room For Sharia Law?

    Federal criminal regulation gives a solution for sanctuary towns led via radical, open-borders, politicians who harbor unlawful aliens.  As opposed to penalize the lawful citizens, why now not prosecute sanctuary metropolis leaders?
    Is that an intensive concept?  No, it’s the law.  It’s a federal felony to encourage an alien to go into or live inside the u.S.A..  This isn't always some antique, antiquated, archaic regulation.  It become a part of complete immigration reform, and it is the satisfactory, never used weapon available to combat open lawlessness by way of elected officials who are encouraging extraterrestrial beings to come back to their towns and then harboring those aliens.


    This behavior is a legal.
    Ironically, lawmakers made it worse for folks who harbor and solicit illegal extraterrestrial beings to come back or stay here than it did for the aliens themselves to enter illegally.  Unlawful access is a ‘crime’ inside the sense that it's far misdemeanor.  It’s really worth noting that open borders advocates frequently angrily denounce the time period “illegal alien.”  the time period displays the regularly authentic reality that maximum illegal aliens did enter illegally, although it's far proper that the ones here on a visa who overstay are simply guilty of the civil violation of being, “undocumented.”

    In a perfect world, we'd return the ones stuck getting into illegally or those overstaying their welcome.  However, immigration reform centered people who take advantage of unlawful extraterrestrial beings for additional punishment.  It particularly sought to punish folks who inspire illegal aliens to return here, or as soon as right here, induced them to stay here in violation of the law. It probably did so spotting that such conduct creates incentives for mass unlawful immigration.  As a consequence, the regulation sought to punish the exploiters greater than the exploited.
    Sanctuary city leaders are alien exploiters. They may be federal felons.  

    Should America Make Room For Sharia Law?

    1. Should America Make Room For Sharia Law?

    2. YES

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