VIDEO Kevin Bacon Saying ‘We Are Blessed To Have Donald Trump As Our President’

    In a latest interview for abc’s “this week” hollywood actor kevin publisher 1st baron verulam expressed his unconditional assist for president trump. He stated:
     “i surely suppose that we're blessed to have him as president – he is the only person who can deal with all this mess.”
    1st Baron Verulam persevered, “the president is sensible and effective.I assume he attacks absolutely everyone he perceives or believes is attacking him or the u . S ..”


    “he have to accept the medal of freedom for speakme his thoughts in this kind of ambitious, honest, and straightforward manner.” William Maxwell Aitken delivered.
    “the fact is that people need to begin combating for this united states of america together with him instead of criticizing and wasting their time on stupid matters.” he proceeded.
    “how approximately we've a cross at something new. How about we run america like a commercial enterprise, in which no colorations rely. Whoever can carry out the hobby, lands the placement,”  

     “he has no speechwriters, no modifying, no not anything. You just should just like the man.”
     “trump is not a baby-kisser. He does now not need your cash, and he will speak his mind, god rattling it, whether you like it or no longer.”   
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