VIDEO Democrat Moves to Give 16-Year-Olds the Vote DO YOU AGREE?

    A political party that has already confirmed it will stop at nothing to win elections — whether thru rigging congressional districts through the courts or making it less difficult for unlawful extraterrestrial beings to vote — is taking a brand new step closer to reducing standards in american politics: giving sixteen-year-olds the right to vote — inclusive of in presidential elections.


    Consistent with the washington submit, a invoice earlier than the washington, d.C., town council to decrease the voting age inside the district is the brainchild of council member charles allen, a democrat who seems to suppose puberty is first-rate coaching for politics.
    And from a liberal attitude, the argument may even make sense.
    In the end, what other institution of american citizens have spent literally their complete lives being cared for, have never been held accountable in any meaningful experience for the selections they make, and are almost abysmally ignorant approximately the world beyond their very own neighborhoods?

    That’s nearly a profile of democrat balloting rolls.         
    However even a few democrats ought to be shuddering at an idea this inane. After all, democrats are parents, too. And at the same time as there might properly be some dad and mom of sixteen-year-olds who consider their offspring to be mature enough to select the leaders of their cities, states and countries, it’s a terrific guess that maximum recognize the sector is a more secure region whilst young adults are being stored correctly out of accountable positions.

    Nobody critically disputes that teenagers, generally, aren't built for impulse control. All people who does dispute it can ask the closest middle school or excessive college instructor for a extra knowledgeable opinion.
    And whilst it fits their schedule, democrats typically argue in prefer of better age regulations on matters that require maturity — like, say, making it a law that a gun customer has be at least 21.
    After they passed obamacare in 2010, democrats even decreed that teens may be on their dad and mom’ medical insurance rules up to the age of 26 (conservative commentator ann coulter argued on the time that it changed into a very good reason to elevate the vote casting age for these hatchlings who refuse to leave the nest).     
    Truly, the party of government dependency isn't all that interested in making individuals stand on their personal  feet from an early age.     
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    1. Are you kidding these mush heads don't have a clue. Drones is what they are.

    2. DEMONAZIS are becoming more ignorant everyday!

    3. democrats have lost the black vote the hispanic vote and cannot find enough illegals/dead/multiple vote folks so they are digging into the bottom of the barrel folk trained to not know what bath room to use, cannot decide what of the 72 sexual folks they are 16 year olds