VIDEO Singer Tina Turner: “This Thanksgiving Is The First Time in 8 Years That I am Thankful For Our President, God Bless Him And His Supporters

    A bogus headline shows that singer tina turner stated she is grateful for president donald trump after two phrases underneath president barack obama.
    "singer tina turner: this thanksgiving is the first time in eight years that i'm grateful for our president, god bless him and his supporters," stated the headline in dailynewsforamericans.Com nov 23.
    We observed the story after facebook customers flagged the post as being probably fabricated, as a part of the social community’s efforts to fight faux information. We searched nexis and google and found no evidence that turner made one of these assertion.


    The internet site dailynewsforamericans.Com is essentially approximately well-known entertainers reacting to trump. We observed no disclaimer or contact facts on the website, which calls itself a "examined and trustworthy team" but posts fake information.
    The article simplest consists of a headline and a hyperlink to an interview with turner at the display of british communicate display host jonathan ross in october.
    Turner didn’t point out trump in any respect at some point of the interview.
    Rather, the interview blanketed topics which includes the musical in development about her life, her marriage to ike turner and choice to leave him, her profession and retirement.

    The headline said that turner become thankful for our president for "the first time in eight years," a jab in opposition to obama.
    We didn’t locate many references to turner weighing in on american presidential politics in current years. In 2013, turner relinquished her u.S. Citizenship after living in switzerland for about two many years.

    We do realize that at the least inside the starting, she became a fan. The week that obama won in 2008, a jubilant turner acting at a concert in orlando declared, "we’ve got a brand new president!"
    As for the tale that tina turner stated she is grateful for trump, we charge this headline pants on fire!  
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    1. I despise fake news no matter which side it comes from.

      1. I agree. People are so eager to espouse their viewpoint they don't take the time to verify what they are posting and make us all look like fools...

    2. Whoever wrote this article is an illiterate slob. Regardless of whether headline is a lie or not!

    3. I might find this more credible if it weren't written by a 5 year old.

    4. After reading about 1/3 of this article I have to wonder what minimum wage troll in what fake news room in what country threw it together. The writer obviously does not speak or write English as a first language and yet presents as having a genuine interest in American politics. That makes the entire rest of the article worth less than my time to finish reading it.

    5. So why doesnt anyone do that for fake postings disrespecting our President??

    6. Can't wait to see an example of you doing this to one of the plethora of lying liberal articles...

    7. Because those are not fake. 2/3 of Americans despise trump.