Van Jones: If Oprah Winfrey Runs In 2020 She’ll Win All 50 States ! Do You Agree Van Jones ? (VIDEO)

    Above all else, there's no confirmation that Oprah needs to keep running for president. It would be a gigantic pay cut for her. Besides, regardless of whether she runs she needs to persuade individuals she can carry out the activity. Individuals wouldn't make her leader since she's Oprah.  


    Van Jones on 2020 Race: 'If Oprah Winfrey Ran, She'd Win Each of the 50 States' 
    "President Oprah Winfrey? CNN's Van Jones supposes it would work. Amid an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, a guest asked him who he supposes would be the Democrat to beat President Donald Trump in 2020. Without delaying, he stated, "Oprah Winfrey."… 
    Be that as it may, it takes a genius to beat a hotshot. I think if Oprah Winfrey ran, she'd win every one of the 50 states. It'd be a wrap." 
    Democrats will experience serious difficulties regardless of who they run.         

    In the event that Trump conveys on flourishing and security, if the voters are content with the activity he's doing, he'll win a greater number of states than he did in the 2016 decision. 

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    1. I really don't want to hear it again Van Jones, your prediction is wrong as usual and Oprah were to loose your crying racist ass will be blaming it on a white wash as you will. The White Privileged are too racist to vote for a black women. Sad thing is Mr. Jones, you are so racist everybody knows exactly what your going to say before you even say it. Your predicatively pathetic. A little 411 Van Jones, you, CNN, MSNBC and all your colleague love Hollywood so blindly but the rest of the country can't stand them and their points of view, at least in the political venue. Yours either!

    2. van are u high. the same deplorables that voted for trump wont leave him and will never vote for oprah . your dreaming

    3. LOL not everyone is as stupid as Mass.

    4. She said all older white people need to die sorry can't vote on that I use to love her show to I find out she didn't like white people !