Illinois School Board Member says US Flag ‘Nothing More than Toilet Paper to Me.’

    Traci o’neal ellis, a board member of a faculty district in elgin, illinois, wrote on her personal facebook web page that the yank flag “means nothing extra than toilet paper to me.”
    Manifestly mother and father are infuriated, however ellis refuses to express regret.


    She turned into defending the nfl gamers who take a knee in protest in the course of the countrywide anthem, the elgin courier-news reported. O’neal ellis said that she’s “proud to face with the sons of bitches on the sphere nowadays,” the illinois own family institute reported, a comment relating to president donald trump’s remarks remaining friday saying group proprietors must hearth “son of a bitch” gamers who disrespect the anthem.
    Angry? Here is the school districts range: 847-888-5000 mr. Tony sanders leader govt officer 847-888-5000 ext. 5007

    A screenshot of o’neal ellis’ publish seemed on some elgin-area fb pages, the paper said, which ended in aid for her in addition to criticism.
    Fellow school board member jeanette ward called o’neal ellis’ remarks “despicable,” the courier-information reported, bringing up a announcement on ward’s school board page.
    “i was stunned that she could say that, even though it is constant with atters she’s stated within the beyond,” ward instructed the paper wednesday. “to say [the U.S. Flag is]not anything more than rest room paper, i’m appalled.”

    O’neal ellis brought to the courier-information wednesday that she’s obtained “hateful, suggest-spirited, frightening” reactions from network contributors for her flag remark.
    Ellis’ feedback have been forwarded via a concerned citizen to ward, who re-published the message with some mind of her personal.
    “the turned into sent to me by way of a very worried constituent,” ward wrote. “a u-forty six boe colleague of mine has said that our u . S . A .’s flag means ‘nothing extra than lavatory paper’. I disagree within the most powerful possible phrases. Many patriotic people have shed their blood to defend the ideas and beliefs the united states represents.

    “to call it ‘nothing extra than lavatory paper’ is without a doubt despicable and disgusting,” she wrote.
    Ward reiterated her disgust to the courier-news.
    However instead of simply apologizing for the crude remarks, ellis doubled down, attacked ward, and alleged her feedback have nothing to do with appreciate for army veterans, lots of whom misplaced their lives for her freedom.

    Ellis contends her family history is rife with examples of racism. And though she’s an lawyer and sitting school board member, she alleges there’s no “justice and liberty” for black americans.
    “the flag and the anthem are symbols in this us of a of freedom and ‘justice and liberty’ for all,” ellis published to fb. “yet that is a blatant lie for black oldsters.”
    Ellis stated she might no longer resign from the college board, adding that she in no way has disrespected the flag and constantly stands for the duration of the pledge of allegiance earlier than board conferences.

    “the example i'm placing for college kids is which you have a right in this country to peaceful protest,” ellis stated. “you've got freedom of speech in this us of a. You are not free from the outcomes. The message that this sends to students is that whilst you get up for reality as a marginalized individual, a marginalized group, you'll get backlash.”

    Anti-american sentiment is rampant in our schools. Ellis does have the right to free speech. What she does not have the right to do is influence our schoolchildren with her anti-american crap! She did not stand for reality. She posted vile hatred for our flag.
    Ward informed the paper it wouldn’t wonder her if citizens attended the next college board assembly and told o’neal ellis to step down.
    “the treatment for that is elections,” ward mentioned to the courier-news. “if humans aren't glad about this, the treatment is the elections in 2019, if she chooses to run again.”
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