Would Obama Beat Trump If He Were Allowed To Run For a Third Term?

    It is all speculative, yet the numbers and individual flow of the two competitors recommend that President Obama would have beaten Donald Trump to win a third term in office. 


    Amid an appearance on his previous senior consultant David Axelrod's digital recording, President Obama stated, "Two focuses I would make however, David, in light of the fact that clearly in the wake of the decision and Trump winning, many individuals have — have recommended that some way or another, it truly was a dream.

     What I would contend is, is that the way of life really shifted, that the greater part buys into the idea of a one America that is tolerant and differing and open and — and brimming with vitality and dynamism. What's more, — and the issue would it say it is, doesn't generally show itself in legislative issues, isn't that so? You know, I am certain about this vision since I'm sure that in the event that I — on the off chance that I had run again and verbalized it, I think I could've activated a greater part of the American individuals to rally behind it. I realize that in discussions that I've had with individuals around the nation, even a few people who couldn't help contradicting me, they would state the vision, the course that you point towards is the correct one." 
    The numbers recommend that President Obama would have beaten Donald Trump. Obama's present endorsement rating is 56%. His most minimal endorsement in 2016 is 47%. Obama's endorsement appraisals are in accordance with Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, who are two effective two terms presidents who most likely could have won a third term. Obama has not had an endorsement rating as poor as Trump's (40%) in more than two years. Trump is going to enter office as the slightest well known president-elect ever. Trump just won the decision by somewhat more than 100,000 votes in three swing states. It isn't difficult to see Obama conveying Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania for the third time. 
    With the economy blasting, and Trump likely being compelled to go birther, the president most likely would have won a third term.
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